All our valves are marked in accordance with MSS SP 25, Standard Marking System for Valves, and other specific customer requirements, if any. High quality Stainless Steel 316 (or higher) grade labels are used with heavy gauge thickness, with computerized laser marking equipment.


All the Valves have tag numbers stamped on a high quality Stainless Steel 316 tag and attached to the valve with suitable Stainless Steel or Monel wire or embossed stainless steel rivets.


Hawa Valves’ responsibility is to ensure that all materials and equipment are properly packed for its intended mode of transport. Machined surfaces are protected with wood and sealed against corrosion. Sensitive instruments are removed and packed separately if required. Packing is performed in compliance with established and approved Packing Procedures and in compliance with Customer Requirements.

A detailed packing list is fixed in a waterproof envelope outside, and inside the box/package. The packing list strictly follows the format required by the customer.


Overseas & Domestic references

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