Hawa Valves firmly believes in an innovation-led approach towards attaining sustainable and long term leadership status in our chosen sphere of work. Working towards this vision, we have established a dedicated in-house Research & Development (R&D) Center with the aim of securing our future. One of the first (and as yet, the only) company in our industry to do so, our R&D Center is recognised by the Government of India, Ministry of Science & Technology as an “In-House R&D Center” and the granted Certificate of Recognition is available for review if required.

We recognize that the industry scenario is ever-changing with constant evolution of demanding applications. The end-users are looking for products which will meet and exceed their requirements. New green technologies in the energy sector such as LNG now demand valves with the ability to operate at Cryogenic Temperatures, and our R&D Center is at the forefront of proving and implementing these stringent and difficult applications in near-to-actual conditions.

Presently research is being done in newer application areas such as HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Valves meant for service up to 20,000 psi. Facilities are available to develop and validate designs for these extreme and severe applications.

Meanwhile, our existing products continue to inspire confidence in the minds of the users as we are able to prove that we put even established designs through the paces from time to time. Every batch of valves made can be put through the paces at the R&D Center from time to time to re-validate, or if a customer chooses to do so.

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