At the Hawa Valves’ Service Centre…

Valves are a vital part of your operation. Damaged or malfunctioning valves can be costly. Not only in downtime of your plant, but as a danger to your personnel and equipment as well. At Hawa Valves we understand that when a valve needs to be repaired or reconditioned, you want the job done in a timely manner by qualified technicians at a competitive price.

All work performed by our valve repair department is done in accordance with the standards set by the End User/s. Our staff and technicians are trained in the repair of valves used in the critical Hydrocarbon Industries. In addition, Hawa Valves conducts strict in-house quality control inspections ensuring the customer that all work is performed as per the standard.

In the unlikely event that the estimated cost of repair exceeds 50% of the replacement cost, Hawa Valves will provide a repair versus replacement cost comparison so the customer can make an informed decision whether or not to replace a particular valve. Since Hawa Valves is a manufacturer of API 6A, API 6D and API 6DSS valves, we can provide replacements for valves that fail or are uneconomical to repair, thereby minimizing lost production and downtime.

At Hawa Valves, our goal is to be your best source for valve repair and valve testing. Our technicians are trained to provide quality workmanship in a timely manner at a price that will meet or beat our competition.

Our specialized repair service capabilities, advanced machining & testing capabilities and extensive experience across all market segments make us the natural choice for all your valve supply and service requirements, all the while maintaining the highest level of safety, quality and environmental practices.

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