The After-Sales Team at Hawa Valves has been steadfastly pursuing a “Customer-FIRST” service strategy based on trust and responsibility. Users across the world remain assured of a consistent level of service regardless of location or ease of access.

Our goal is to support our users to maintain a safer working environment and to attain their Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) goals. Users of Hawa Valves stay safer, competitive and remain ahead with maximized plant utilization, optimum quality values and trouble free performance.

So that we can respond quickly and assist you, we ask you to have the following information ready:
  • Our Order Reference Number/ Valve Serial Number, which are invariably marked on the Valve Identification Plate and also optionally punched on the Valve Body/End Flange.
  • Valve specifications including size, rating class, material.
  • Description or details of the problem, supported with evidences (example – by way of some photographs if there is any visible evidence, or reports/logs).
  • Your name, designation, company name and contacts.

Please contact us with these details, ideally by sending us an email to:

Overseas & Domestic references

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