Hawa Valves offers critical integrated valve solutions for the development of both conventional and unconventional onshore resources such as oil sands, oil shale, extra heavy crude, shale gas and tight gas.

Hawa Valves holds almost major industry approvals, and is working to get well known in all the sectors and clients as integrated manufacturer. Hawa Valves provide valves solutions in various applications with our sophisticated combinations of valve designs, materials, size and class range enable us to fulfill the customer requirement.

Hawa valves R & D constantly working towards the requirements of the customers for the critical applications in terms of increases in size, class, temperature range throughout.

Experience Hawa Valves quality!

Application: Products:
Oil Production Actuated & Manual Ball Valves
Gas Production Single & Double Block & Bleed Valves
API 6A HPHT Valves
ESD Valves
Gate, Globe, Check, Plug & Butterfly Valves

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