Hawa Valves is a specialist in quick-operating HIPPS Valves which are essential in Integrated Protective Function use as a Safety Device. Advanced design and simulation software such as CFD®, ANSYS® (FEA) and Solid Works® to simulate product flow, mechanical status and wear condition. Our HIPPS products can help to increase production and reliability, extend running time and reduce maintenance – in short, our HIPPS Valves make your system safe. Moreover, Hawa Valves’ R&D and Technical Team is developing new solutions with the enhancement of processing technologies in Oil and Gas, Hydrocarbon Industry to further this technology and provide even safer products.

Size : 2” upto 56” (DN50 upto Dn1400)

Pressure Rating : ASME 1500# to 2500# and API 3,000 psi to API 20,000 psi.

Materials : Carbon Steels, Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Martensitic Steels, Austenitic Stainless Steel, Duplex  Stainless Steels, Super Duplex Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys, Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Hastelloy, Inconnel, Titanium Alloy & Carbon Steel with Internal Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) Overlay

Design Standard : SIL3, API 6D, API 608, MESC, ANSI, & ASME B16.34

Pressure / Temperature Rating : SIL3 / ASME B 16.34

Test (Inspection) Standard : SIL3, API 6D, MESC, ISO 5208, API 6FA, ISO 10497, API607, ISO 15848-1&2, BS 6364

Construction Details : Single / Two / Three Piece Design / Side Entry / Trunnion / Block & Bleed / Soft and Metal Seated

End Connection : Screwed, Socket Weld, Flanged, Hub End, Butt-Weld

Operator / Actuator : Lever, Gear, Actuator (Pneumatic,Hydraulic, Electro-Hydraulic and Electric Motorised)

Special Design Feature also available :
• Extremely High Temperature
• Cryogenic Design
• Subsea Design


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